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    C 13 H 18 N 4 O 3 Molecular mass: Pentoxifylline is a white to creamy white, crystalline powder. It is freely soluble in chloroform and methanol, soluble in water, sparingly soluble in ethanol and slightly soluble in ether. Thrombophlebitis trental taking this medication and get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: In Ausgabe von Krampfadern patients Trental may give relief of signs and symptoms of impaired blood flow, such as intermittent claudication or trophic ulcers.

    The recommended starting dosage of Trental pentoxifylline is mg twice daily after meals. The usual dose is mg twice or three times daily, Thrombophlebitis trental.

    A maximum of mg three times daily should not be exceeded. The qualitative formulation of Trental tablets is: Trental pentoxifylline is available as mg, pink, oblong, film-coated, sustained release tablets, packed in Unit Pack boxes of 60 [4x15 clear PVC film and aluminium foil blisterpacked] tablets, Thrombophlebitis trental. This leaflet was prepared by sanofi-aventis Canada Inc. Because clinical trials are conducted under very specific conditions the adverse reaction rates observed in the clinical trials Thrombophlebitis trental not reflect the rates observed in practice and Thrombophlebitis trental not be compared to the rates in the clinical trials of another drug.

    Adverse drug reaction information from clinical trials is Thrombophlebitis trental for identifying drug-related adverse events and for approximating rates. Body as a whole: Chest pain, arrhythmiaThrombophlebitis trental, hypertensiondyspneaedema, hypotensionanginaThrombophlebitis trental, tachycardia. Decreased serum fibrinogenThrombophlebitis trentalpurpurathrombocytopenialeucopenia, anemiaaplastic anemia. Pruritis, rash, urticariaangioedema. Organs of special sense: Blurred vision, scotoma, lacrimationepistaxis.

    In patients with digestive side effects, antacids Thrombophlebitis trental be administered with Trental. In comparative bioavailability study, no interference with absorption of Trental by antacids was observed.

    Trental pentoxifylline may potentiate the action of antihypertensive agents. Patients receiving these agents require blood pressure monitoring and possibly a dose reduction of the antihypertensive agents, Thrombophlebitis trental. Monitoring of anti-coagulant activity in these patients is recommended when pentoxifylline is introduced or the dose is changed.

    Patients on warfarin should have more frequent monitoring of prothrombin time, Thrombophlebitis trental, while patients with other risk factors complicated by hemorrhage e.

    During concurrent Thrombophlebitis trental of cimetidine and pentoxifylline, cimetidine has been shown to significantly increase the steady-state plasma concentration of pentoxifylline, Thrombophlebitis trental, which may enhance the possibility of adverse effects.

    No data are available on the possible interaction of Trental and erythromycin. However concurrent administration Thrombophlebitis trental erythromycin and theomycin has resulted in significant elevation of serum theophylline levels with toxic reactions, Thrombophlebitis trental. The blood-sugar Thrombophlebitis trental effect of insulin or oral antidiabetic agents may be potentiated. Thrombophlebitis trental patients treated with hypoglycemic agents, a moderate adjustment in the dose of these agents may be required when Trental is prescribed.

    Therefore it is recommended that patients under medication for diabetes mellitus be carefully monitored. Combined use with other xanthines or with sympathomimetics may cause excessive CNS stimulation, Thrombophlebitis trental. Thrombophlebitis trental causality has not been established, concurrent use of pentoxifylline with theophylline has resulted in elevated theophylline plasma levels, which may enhance the possibility of adverse effects.

    Patients with hepatic impairment should be closely monitored during Trental therapy and may require lower doses. Caution should be exercised when administering Trental pentoxifylline to patients with low or labile blood pressure. In such patients any dose increase should be done gradually and careful monitoring is required. The risk of bleeding may be increased by combined treatment with anticoagulant agents or use in coagulation disorders.

    Therefore, in patients with coagulation disorders or being treated with anticoagulant therapy, Trental should be used with caution and only, when in the physician's judgement, the potential benefit outweighs the risk. Careful monitoring is required. Reproduction studies have been performed Thrombophlebitis trental rats, mice and rabbits at doses up 23, 2 and 11 times the maximum recommended daily human dose and have revealed no evidence of impaired fertility or harm to the fetus due to pentoxifylline.

    The drug has been shown to cross the bloodplacenta barrier in mice. There is no adequate experience in pregnant women. Therefore, Trental is not recommended for women who are, or may become, pregnant unless the expected benefits for the mothers outweigh the potential risk to the fetus. Pentoxifylline and its major metabolites are excreted in human milk, following a mg single oral dose of Trental. The patient should be Thrombophlebitis trental to discontinue nursing or to discontinue taking the drug depending on the importance of the drug to the mother.

    The use of Trental in patients below the age of 18 years is not recommended as safety and effectiveness have not been established in this age group. Trental should be used with caution in elderly patients as peak plasma levels of pentoxifylline and its metabolites are moderately higher in this age group, Thrombophlebitis trental.

    Elderly patients had a slight increase in Thrombophlebitis trental incidence Thrombophlebitis trental ob mit Krampfadern ok adverse effects.

    Careful dose adjustment is therefore recommended. Overdosage with Trental pentoxifylline has been reported in children and adults. Symptoms appear to be dose related and usually occurred hours after ingestion and lasted about 12 Blut Varizen. Initial manifestations of acute overdose with pentoxifylline may be nausea, dizziness, tachycardiafever, gastrointestinal bleeding — coffee-ground vomiting and areflexia, Thrombophlebitis trental.

    Thrombophlebitis trental specific antidote is known. In addition to symptomatic treatment and gastric lavage, Thrombophlebitis trental, special attention must be given to supporting respirationmaintaining systemic blood pressure, and controlling convulsions with intravenous diazepam.

    Activated charcoal has been used to Wie heilen Sie Krampfadern pentoxifylline in patients who have overdosed.

    Trental pentoxifylline is a xanthine derivative. It belongs to a group of vasoactive drugs which improve peripheral blood flow and thus enhance peripheral tissue oxygenation.

    The mechanism by which Trental achieves this effect has not been determined, but it is likely that the following factors are involved:. Improvement of red blood cell flexibility and platelet deaggregation contribute to the decrease in blood viscosity. Pentoxifylline is almost completely absorbed after oral administration.

    The Trental mg sustained release tablet showed an initial peak plasma pentoxifylline concentration 2 to 3 hours post-administration. The drug is extensively Thrombophlebitis trental. The active main metabolite 1- 5- hydroxyhexyl -3,7-dimethyl-xanthine metabolite I is measurable in twice the concentration in plasma of that of its parent substance. Biotransformation products are almost exclusively eliminated by the kidneys.

    Food intake before the administration of Trental delayed the absorption but did not decrease it. In rabbits, cats and dogs the respiration was slightly stimulated, Thrombophlebitis trental. The blood pressure response in cats and rabbits after epinephrine was slightly inhibited by pentoxifylline. Reserpine pre-treatment did not influence the positive chronotropic effect of pentoxifylline in rats. On isolated rabbit hind limb, pentoxifylline-induced vasodilatation was comparable to acetylcholine -induced vasodilatation at equal doses, Thrombophlebitis trental.

    The activity of pentoxifylline on coronary flow was not influenced by propanolol 7. In isolated guinea pig tracheal chain, the bronchodilator activity of pentoxifylline, was significantly greater than aminophylline, Thrombophlebitis trental. Contractions induced in isolated guinea pig seminal vesicle by epinephrine were reduced by pentoxifylline and by aminophylline in the same concentration range.

    Bronchospasm induced by i. On rabbit aorta strip preparation both pentoxifylline and aminophylline inhibited the NE-induced contraction. In comparison to aminophylline, the central stimulatory effect of pentoxifylline in rats was significantly milder, Thrombophlebitis trental. Pentoxifylline Krampfadern, können Sie Ski fahren not influence significantly the motility of mice and rats, food consumption of rats, sleeping time after hexobarbital in rats and mice, ptosissedation and hypothermia of mice caused by reserpine, catalepsy in rats induced by perphenazine of fighting behaviour in mice, Thrombophlebitis trental.

    It has no anticonvulsive, anti-inflammatory and local anaesthetic activity and exhibits only a slight analgesiccholorectic, diuretic and antitussive effect. The results of in vitro studies in which pentoxifylline was added to blood from human volunteers, Thrombophlebitis trental, and in vivo studies in which pentoxifylline was given orally or intravenously to patients with peripheral vascular disease indicate that pentoxifylline can improve impaired erythrocyte flexibility.

    The possible mechanism involved in this effect are most likely related to intracellular adenosine triphosphate ATP inasmuch as ATP depleted cells have reduced flexibility and vice versa. Pentoxifylline raises erythrocytes intracellular ATP concentrations. Krampfadern im zweiten Trimester results in an increased membrane phosphoprotein concentration, which is believed to increase red blood cell flexibility.

    In human pentoxifylline inhibits ADP-stimulated platelet trophischen Geschwüren und Diabetes as measured by the Born method, Thrombophlebitis trental. Epinephrine-induced lipolysis rat epididymal adipose tissue was increased by pentoxifylline and aminophylline at 10 -3 and 10 -4 M in vitro, Thrombophlebitis trental.

    Beagle dogs were given 3. Mean maximal blood levels 2. At maximal blood levels time, highest concentration was found in gallbladder Toxicity was characterized by hypersalivation in orally dosed animals, increased or irregular respiration, tonic-clonic convulsions and paresis. Rabbits survived 50 mg i. Dogs survived mg i. They showed aggression and ataxia after oral dosing and aggression, fear, vomiting, diarrhea after i.

    Groups of 8 female 12 week old mice were given daily doses of 0, Thrombophlebitis trental, One mouse Thrombophlebitis trental the highest dosage group died after 6 days, Thrombophlebitis trental. Death was preceded by dyspnea and clonic convulsions. The other animals of this group showed a decrease in spontaneous activity and had their eyes closed.

    Five animals per sex per group were killed after 26 weeks and another 5 at 52 weeks. After 78 weeks the remaining animals were observed for 13 weeks, Thrombophlebitis trental, without exposure to the compound. High dose males showed a greater frequency of bronchiectasisrenal cyststesticular atrophyurinary bladder dilatation and bone marrow hyperplasia than controls.

    There was an increased incidence of benign ovarian and uterine tumours, and angiosarcoma of the liver was observed in 1 animal of each sex in the high dose group, Thrombophlebitis trental. Groups of 10 females were given pentoxifylline at daily doses of 0,

    Thrombophlebitis trental

    Clot found either in deep large veins of the leg. Venous thrombosis or phlebothrombosis refers just to the clot itself, Thrombophlebitis trental.

    Usually occurs in legs and lower trunk in saphenous veins. Superficial spider veins are called primary varicosities; deep varicosities are called secondary. Vein stripping by tying off great saphenous vein at saphenofemoral junction, making incisions along leg, introducing nylon wire, and pulling vein out. Poor O2 supply causes necrosis and an open Thrombophlebitis trental lesion. Bacterial infection is a common complication.

    Diabetics are especially vulnerable. It also includes proper tx of existing ulcers. Keep wound clean-saline irrigation is preferred.

    Prevent infection-clean or sterile technique depending on depth of wound. Wound cultures prn with antibiotic tx if needed. Use appropriate technique Thrombophlebitis trental materials. May need to teach patient and family dressing changes. Watch BP if pt is on antihypertensives. Assess for improvement in activity with continued use. Increases excretion of water, sodium, chloride, Thrombophlebitis trental, and potassium in the distal tubule and ascending limb of loop of Henle.

    Binds to alpha adrenergic receptors, dilating peripheral blood vessels, lowering peripheral resistance. Suppresses renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system; prevents conversion Thrombophlebitis trental angiotensin I to angiotension II.

    Dilates arterial and venous vessels. Interacts with anticoagulants, antiplatelets, and some antidepressants MAOIs. Log In Upload Latest, Thrombophlebitis trental. By download this powerpoint presentation file, you agree to our terms of use.

    If you interesting in " Thrombophlebitis DVT " powerpoint themes, Thrombophlebitis trental, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template. For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file.

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