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    Thrombophlebitis is inflammation of a vein, usually in the leg. It can cause swelling or redness and can lead to a pulmonary embolism if not treated.

    Superficial thrombophlebitis is inflammation of a vein just under the skin, usually in the leg. A small blood clot also commonly forms in the vein, was die interne Thrombophlebitis, but is usually not serious. The condition usually settles and goes within weeks.

    Treatments can ease pain or discomfort, was die interne Thrombophlebitis. Superficial thrombophlebitis is different to, and much less serious than, deep vein thrombosis DVT. However, in a small number of cases, complications can occur with superficial thrombophlebitis, including extension of the blood clot further up the vein. If the clot extends to where the superficial and deep, larger veins join, a DVT can develop. A vein is a blood vessel that takes blood was die interne Thrombophlebitis the heart.

    If a vein becomes inflamed, a blood clot commonly forms inside the was die interne Thrombophlebitis portion. So, the term thrombophlebitis is used to mean an inflamed vein, with or without a small blood clot inside the vein. Thrombophlebitis is commonly just called phlebitis.

    The superficial veins are the ones that you can often see or feel just under the skin. Most bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis occur in a leg vein. However, any superficial vein can be affected. A typical site is in a varicose vein in a leg. Varicose veins are common, particularly in pregnant women. Superficial thrombophlebitis is not usually serious but complications can sometimes occur see below.

    The deep veins are larger, pass through the muscles in your arms and legs and you cannot see or feel them. Some people get confused between superficial thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis DVT. They are quite different. A DVT is more serious. See separate leaflet called Deep Vein Thrombosis for more detail.

    Many cases occur for no was die interne Thrombophlebitis reason. A slight injury to the vein may trigger the inflammation in some cases.

    There are a number of risk factors that make it more likely for was die interne Thrombophlebitis to develop in a vein:. Swelling, redness and tenderness along a part of the vein are the usual symptoms. You may develop a high temperature fever. If a blood clot develops inside the inflamed part of the vein, the vein may then feel hard or knobbly.

    The blood clot is usually of little concern, as it is small. There are other veins which carry the blood and bypass the blocked vein. When the inflammation settles, a persistent darker area of skin hyperpigmentation may remain over the affected vein.

    A small firm lump may also persist below the skin. This may be tender to the touch for some time. Your was die interne Thrombophlebitis is usually able to diagnose superficial thrombophlebitis by talking to you and examining the affected area.

    Investigations are not was die interne Thrombophlebitis needed, especially if you have one of the risk factors for superficial thrombophlebitis see above. However, if your doctor is concerned that you may have a DVT see belowthey may advise that you have some tests to exclude this.

    This usually means a special ultrasound scan of the affected area to look for any clots in the deep veins, was die interne Thrombophlebitis. If you have recurrent bouts of thrombophlebitis, especially if you have no real risk factors for superficial thrombophlebitis, your doctor may suggest some tests to check that you do not have any problems with the clotting of your blood.

    They may also suggest other tests to look for more rare causes of recurrent superficial thrombophlebitis see below. Most bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis last for weeks. If they are associated with varicose veins, they are likely to return recur.

    No treatment may be needed if the symptoms are mild. One or more of the following treatments may be advised, was die interne Thrombophlebitis, depending on your symptoms and the severity of the condition:. If your doctor feels that you may have a DVT or be at high was die interne Thrombophlebitis of developing one, they may suggest that you are referred either to the hospital or to a special DVT clinic.

    This will enable you to have any investigations or treatment necessary see above. Sometimes, prophylactic just in case treatment may be given to people who have superficial thrombophlebitis and may be at high risk of developing a DVT.

    This involves injection of a medicine to thin the blood. The inflammation and pain usually settle within a few weeks. Most people make a full recovery. The possible complications listed below are uncommon. They are listed, however, was die interne Thrombophlebitis, to give guidance on what to look out for. See a doctor as Krampfadern in den Oberschenkel während der Schwangerschaft as possible if you suspect that a complication is developing.

    Sometimes the affected vein becomes infected. The pain may then become worse and the redness spreads. You are likely to feel generally unwell. Infection is more common in someone who has had a drip inserted for a long period, in people who abuse 'street drugs' or in people with a weakened immune system.

    Antibiotics are needed to treat the infection. If the infection is severe, you may need to be admitted to hospital for antibiotics given directly into a vein. Rarely, infection in a vein becomes severe and may spread to other areas of the body.

    In some cases, the blood clot can extend further up the vein. If the clot extends to where the superficial and deep veins join, was die interne Thrombophlebitis, a DVT can develop. This is more likely if the superficial thrombophlebitis is in the upper thigh or the groin, near to where the superficial veins and the deep veins of the leg meet. There is a similar meeting point of superficial and deep veins at the crease behind the knee.

    It is also more likely to occur:. Was die interne Thrombophlebitis a DVT leads to thrombophlebitis, there is an increased risk of developing further DVTs and possibly clots on the lung pulmonary embolism. It is common for people with varicose veins to have repeated recurrent bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis. However, for a small number of people this may be the first sign of a more serious condition. For example, cancer or a rare condition called polyarteritis nodosa in which there is patchy inflammation of the walls of the arteries.

    This is more likely if the bouts occur at different sites, or in different veins in someone without Krampfadern männliches Becken veins.

    Tests may be advised if was die interne Thrombophlebitis is no obvious explanation for recurring bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis. Did you find this information useful? Cochrane Database Syst Rev. I had gotten sick beginning of marchstarted with shortness of breath, then slowly started progressing, mind you at this time i was smoking meth never injected My symptoms from march up This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.

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    In this article arrow-down What is thrombophlebitis? Superficial Thrombophlebitis In this article What is thrombophlebitis? What is superficial thrombophlebitis? What causes superficial thrombophlebitis? What are the symptoms of superficial thrombophlebitis? Do I need any investigations?

    What is the treatment for superficial thrombophlebitis? Are there any complications from superficial thrombophlebitis? Phlebitis means inflammation of a vein. Thrombo sis means a blood clot in a vein.

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    Thrombophlebitis is inflammation of a vein, usually in the leg. It can cause swelling or redness and can lead to a pulmonary embolism if not treated.

    Thrombophlebitis is inflammation of a vein caused by a blood clot. It typically occurs in the legs. A blood clot is a solid formation of blood cells that clump together. Blood clots can interfere with normal blood flow throughout your body, and are considered dangerous. Thrombophlebitis can occur in veins near the surface of your skin or deeper, down in between your muscle layers. Blood clots can cause swelling in the veins of your neck or arms, but this is rare.

    Thrombphlebitis affects superficial veins and is a different condition than a deep vein thrombosis DVT. Symptoms of thrombophlebitis include swelling, redness, and tenderness over the affected vein.

    A blood clot causes thrombophlebitis. Inactivity, such as being bedridden after trauma or surgery, is a major cause of blood clots. You can also develop a blood was die interne Thrombophlebitis if you sit still for too long, such as during a plane ride or a car ride. Standing up, stretching, and moving your feet periodically during long flights or car rides can help reduce your risk of blood clots.

    Movement promotes circulation, which discourages the blood was die interne Thrombophlebitis from sticking together. You might also develop blood clots if you have injured your blood vessels.

    Trauma to the limb in question may cause injury to a vein. You may also sustain injury to a blood vessel from intravenous IV needles or catheters during a medical procedure. This type of injury is a less common cause of blood clots. Where can blood clots form? The symptoms of thrombophlebitis depend partly on which kind you have. You can experience the following symptoms near the affected area if you have either kind of thrombophlebitis:.

    Superficial thrombophlebitis sometimes causes the affected vein to become visibly engorged and red. The appearance of the area and your description of your symptoms may be enough to diagnose this condition. In other cases, your doctor was die interne Thrombophlebitis choose to perform a venogram.

    This involves injecting a dye into your vein that shows up on X-rays. Your was die interne Thrombophlebitis will then take X-ray images to see whether you have a clot. Your doctor might recommend that you take care of your condition at home if you have superficial thrombophlebitis.

    Your doctor might need to remove the vein if the one with superficial thrombophlebitis becomes permanently unsightly or painful, or if you have was die interne Thrombophlebitis condition in the same vein more than once.

    The procedure is known as vein stripping. Veins deeper in the leg can handle the increased amount of blood flow. Patients with superficial thrombophlebitis usually do not need blood thinners. However, if the clot is near the junction of one of your deep veins, was die interne Thrombophlebitis, blood thinners can help reduce the risk of the superficial clot becoming DVT. A PE can be life-threatening. Sitting Mutter Krampfadern an den Beinen for too long can lead to thrombophlebitis.

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    You can experience the following symptoms near the affected area if you have either kind of thrombophlebitis: Angioplasty and vascular stenting. Read this Next Advertisement. Blood Clots After Birth: What You Need to Know It's normal to have blood clots after giving birth, but sometimes too many or very large blood clots can be cause Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a blood clot? Learn about some of the classic signs, was die interne Thrombophlebitis.

    Where Can Blood Clots Form? Blood clots form in your veins and arteries. They can form in many different parts of your body, was die interne Thrombophlebitis. Blood Clots After Surgery: Tips for Prevention Blood clot formation, was die interne Thrombophlebitis, also known as coagulation, is your body's normal response in certain was die interne Thrombophlebitis. This can make it difficult to tell if you have one.

    Learn more about the We explain the connection and provide tips for reducing your risk. Here's why they happen, how Tips for Managing Deep Vein Thrombosis at Home Treating deep vein thrombosis at home consists of managing it and preventing future clots.

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